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I had bliss experiences when I was young. I knew at that time I needed Yoga. I went on a yearlong retreat and started practicing. When I came back from the retreat I also took up Tai Chi and have been practicing ever since. Eventually people asked me to teach yoga and through out the nineties I did small classes. Eventually I was hired by St. Lukes Center for Health and Well Being and ended up teaching full time. At the change of the millennium I found TriYoga and immediately began to study at the center in Santa Cruz and a year later I began biannual trips to study with Kali Ray the founder of TriYoga.

My interest has always been about the different levels of consciousness and how practices, experiences, and conditioning can affect ones awareness. TriYoga was a good fit since it based in awakening energy and directing to it expanded awareness and greater joy, and is systematic with its breathing and meditation system.

Along the way I also studied Bharatanatyam, which is a classical dance and acting art of India. I had a dream group that met once a week for fifteen years and journals that go back to 1982. We have had a regular music, drum circle, and chant group that started in the 90’s and is still meeting Monday nights at 8:30pm.

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