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Inner Vision

Inner Vision is the study of energy. It develops the ability to see clearly using our many different expressions of energy. Viewpoint is developed to See, and this generates experiences of the subtle world.

Yoga philosophy is presented systematically as related to practice and to generate spiritual experience. Questions are welcomed.

We differentiate the faculties of the mind; cultivate an awareness and understanding of the impact of the senses. We learn to see and observe the worlds of the mind and the centers and forces that govern their creation. We align our sense of identity with our connection to spirit. This creates a space where we begin to have intuitive knowledge, awaken the discriminating faculty that resides above the mental thoughts and knows truth directly. We hear guides and see the hidden. We begin to feel peaceful and happy feelings, generate a strong sense of aspiration, sincerity, and progress.

We take the time to circulate the understanding, establish a good emotional foundation, and allow it to transform our way of seeing.

It is a complementary practice that works with energy in order to become more self-aware.

Kundalini Yoga

"Kundalini Yoga consists of active and passive asana-based kriyas, pranayama, and meditations which target the whole body system (nervous system, glands, mental faculties, chakras) to develop awareness, consciousness and spiritual strength." —Yogi Bhajan

Chair Yoga

We do have several classes in chair yoga offered in partnership with the Ghosh Center.

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