TriYoga of Cedar Rapids

TriYoga the Art & Science of Yogaflow ®

Tai Chi is systematically presented in order to develop the full range of Tai Chi practices. Fifteen basic movements produce good alignment, sensitivity, proper motion and coordinated breath. Proper motion with breath will create a calm emotional state that quiets the mind and leads to insight and inspiration. People who want to learn balance, to relax or how to move more effectively for other activities, or may have health concerns will find basic classes easy and fun.

Basic Level: focuses on whole body movement, internal awareness, balance, flowing from center of gravity, and relaxation physically, mentally, and emotionally. All Tai Chi forms are built on these basic movements.

Form Class: A connected set of flowing movements that train the body to coordinate torso, arms and legs in useful patterns. Application drills, stretching sets, strength and energy exercises.

Advanced Class: The two-person forms, advanced techniques, and skill training.